Getting Started With Flutter: Part One


Flutter is a UI toolkit, allowing you to build a native UI across mobile, web and desktop. The beauty of Flutter is this is possible from a single codebase using declarative UI.

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iOS and Android can finally be friends


Last year I gave a lightning talk at droidcon London titled iOS For Android Developers. A tour of iOS and Android and the common development patterns each platform possesses. The goal of the talk to encourage developers to embrace developing for another mobile platform, to learn something new and better themselves.

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I’m at Droidcon London!


I found out recently that I’ll be speaking at Droidcon London. It’s going to be my first Android conference I’ve attended and I’m excited that I’ll get to share the stage with so many other great speakers.

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Android and iOS Development Go Hand in Hand


As an engineer I spend most of my time building for two platforms, Android and iOS. I originally got into Android development because it was accessible, made use of a language I was familiar with (Java) and held the promise of a ecosystem bursting with opportunity.

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